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I’m retiring this blog

I am retiring this blog.  I have copied all my past posts to and will be posting everything on there going forward.  Cheers.


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The Silver Star; Jeannette Walls

A ten year old girl is growing up with a dysfunctional mother and big sister in California.  The Mom starts to lose it and the two girls go stay with their dysfunctional Uncle in Richmond, Virginia in stereotypical southern fashion.  Jeanette Walls first pure fictional novel is  unfortunately disappointing.

PJH Rating: ***

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Summer Loving…

It has been a busy week and a half…hurray for summer

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Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection

After a wonderful meal at L’Albatros, Courtney and I walked over to the Cleveland Museum of Art as we bought tickets to their First Friday of the month party which also coincided with the opening of a new exhibit.

a slate installation in the new Gallery One space.

It was wonderful to head over and see that it was packed at 8:30 PM.  The parking garage was completely full.  The museum was full of all sorts of people – all ages and all mixes.  We quickly walked through the new area called Gallery One that used to be the traveling exhibition space.  It now highlights distinct works of the permanent exhibit and uses technology to explore in more detail.  Also in this area is the really cool huge touch screen where you can touch the different works and it zooms in and gives you more details and if you have an ipad you can sync everything and create a custom itinerary to travel through the museum.  Pretty cool.

creaper shot of someone checking out the huge touchscreen

We then wandered into the new atrium where there were several bars set up, music playing and some weird performance art going on.  Again – lots of different kinds of people – really great.  It’s a huge space.  We had a beer and walked around looking at everyone and then went to the new exhibit: “The Last Days of Pompeii: Decadence, Apocalypse, Resurrection”.  It was not at all what we were expecting.  It wasn’t a bunch of dusty old stuff but lots of different pieces from old and new looking at the theme.  It is great.  So refreshing for our typically conservative art museum.  I tried to take some photos but quickly was told I wasn’t allowed.  Neat stuff around every corner.  I really liked the last gallery full of Mark Rothko.  We didn’t hang out long but will definitely be coming back to check it out in more detail.

the new atrium where you can fit several hundred easily

weird performance art in a great setting

there was also a new, smaller exhibition space that just opened up on the first floor that was showing some medieval christian stuff.

creapy monks

the only photo I took in the pompeii exhbit.

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Ten Years of Christmas Eve Jammies





2008 (couldn’t find any jammie pics)







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An October Day

Courtney and I went to church in the woods this morning.

Hiking at the Holden Arboretum.

The woods were all yellow.

We ended our hike at the beautiful rhododendron gardens.

and later in the day…

Sophia saving a goal.

The happy coach.

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Fall Color

It was a beautiful fall weekend this past weekend.

We went on hikes in North Chagrin on both Saturday and Sunday.

Looking down into a gorge on one of our favorite trails

Lots of different colors

Red and green.

Happy Birthday Aidan!

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Work No. 865: Half the Air in a Given Space; Martin Creed

purple balloon still life

On our lunch time walk today we made a quick stop at the Cleveland Museum of Art (we are so lucky!) to check out the crazy balloon exhibit that we have seen from the street the last week or so.  As it turns out, Martin Creed is know for filling random spaces with balloons.  The space they filled at the museum is one of my favorite new spaces in the new East Wing that is a glass room usually filled with Rodin sculptures.  They took all the sculptures out and filled it with 25,000 purple balloons and they let you in the room and you walk through the balloons like you are buried in latex.  It was very odd, a bit scary, but a unique experience. Art? Of course.  It’s there until the end of November so go check it out…as well as the beautiful new atrium.

More on the exhibit here.

The artist’s web site here. Interesting stuff.


purple curves

the Rodin glass gallery (usually) from the street filled with purple balloons

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The Guppy Regatta

A morning regatta last Saturday for the kids at Delaney’s.

on shore instruction

getting the boats ready

learning how to rig a sailboat

Soph and Em looking a bit hesitant

getting ready

off they go


coach jack

all the guppies

perfect day

summer colors


inez and the hootchman




the guppy regatta captain (and first mate)


cleaning up




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Book: The Weird Sisters; Eleanor Brown

Three sisters in their twenties/thirties come home to their small college town when their mother is going through chemo.  Their Dad is an English professor and they are always speaking by quoting Shakespeare.  Good read.

PJH Rating ****

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